What makes Steel-T Heating and Air Conditioning a great company? It’s employees like you and your manager. You both demonstrate integrity and credibility. You have taken an understandable mistake and turned it into a positive for your company. Because of your professionalism my wife and I will only use Steel-T for our Heating and Air Conditioning needs in the future. Steel-T has gained a loyal customer from now on and we will praise Steel-T to others in the community. Thanks again.

Arnold & Mimi

To the Chief, Just wanted you to know how impressed and pleased I am with the effort and work your technician Bill Moore demonstrated on a visit to my home. This was a warranty issue on a new home built by Oakwood which involved a dirty furnace and Bill told me when he was informed there were breathing sensitivities he would make sure the systems were clean and healthy for our home. I was here the entire time Bill was working and he worked very hard, took extra steps, never took a break, and had the attitude I would expect from a professional which is not the average in this busy world. I also had question about the options on system that could create a better living atmosphere for our home and Bill took the time to answer and educate me on some new technology that is available, Bill never gave me the rush act and was a pleasure to work with. As you know Bill was your company at my home the day he came out and let me tell you he represented your company to the highest of standards. Bill left me with his business card and I want you to know that you now have a new customer, we will be making improvements in the future and I now know who to call. Thank you for Bill and give him a job well done for me, he has made a positive impact in our home environment and we will be better off due to his efforts. Thank very much


Steve, I can’t thank you enough for finding the appropriate solutions for this project. Vince and the guys were great and persevered under some very trying conditions. I’m convinced we more than met the performance guidelines we committed to. On Friday at 5:40 it was 96 outside and holding steady at 69-70 inside. Thanks again!


The home owner had been searching for a solution for the cooling issues for over two (2) years; they were unable to cool the upper floor below 80 degrees in the summer. Steel-T reworked the system, without replacing the equipment, proving that design knowledge is as important as or more so than the equipment choice. Glad our team was able to help!

Steel T

Don Turner just completed a tune up on our air conditioner. He was extremely pleasant, conscientious about being careful of our home, thorough, and patient in answering our questions. I commend you on your hiring of an outstanding employee!! Please thank him again from us for a job well done.

Joan and John Boyle

You guys came out this morning and fixed everything so it works again, including the air conditioner for $400. The guy yesterday from another company said I needed new everything for $9000. Thanks to you my house no longer makes scary noises when the furnace comes on. Turns out there was some plastic wrapped around the blower motor, a broken motor mount and the capacitor in the air-conditioner was out. I should have done all this when the air conditioner was out so I didn’t have to sweat my way through the end of the summer! Thanks for everything.

Trish Litle

Thank you, Steel T, for coming out on such a bitter cold night. My dog and I greatly appreciate having heat again!

Shelbia L.

Steve, I wanted to thank you and your staff for the excellent workmanship and great customer service we experienced in the installation of our fireplace. Steel-T was so accommodating in helping us select a unit which we are very pleased with, and your staff did a wonderful job of a difficult retrofit. We now have two experiences with Steel-T, both of which have been outstanding. Thanks again!

Kim Adcock

Dear Steel T,

Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you came over and fixed my furnace. It has not run right since Sept. It was doing exactly what you mentioned. Coming on then going off and then coming back on again. It was weird and I knew it was not right. The company that put it in was here twice and did not fix it. You have a new customer! Again, thank you for taking care of us. By the way, the furnace is working perfectly.

L. Kaup

Dear Steel T,
I just want to tell you what a great job Mark Arragon and Vince did on the furnace. Mark was here around 8 AM and worked straight through. He was a gentleman, very courteous and helpful. I just wanted up with and was very patient. He was great and very helpful. I am thinking you must treat your employees well because it comes out in how the customer is treated. I hope that is the reason. I have already given your name to someone who may need a new furnace. Vince was kind and courteous, both were great to have working here. It was so nice to have real people here made me feel like I was living in a small town again. Thanks and tip of the hat to Mark and Vince.

N E Gillespie

Your guys showed up right on time and were able to complete the install by 3pm or so. Both were courteous, professional, and took the time to show me around the AC/furnace/thermostat when they were done. I am very pleased with the level of service provided by you and your team! It was a pleasure doing business with Steel T and I will post a review to Angie’s List as soon as I get a chance to.

Nathan Lane

Todd was more than pleasant, and extremely professional. I didn’t even have to ask him to wear booties while in my home! He was patient enough to explain my system to me and make me feel very important to him. Personally, I think my AC works better now than it EVER has in the past. Todd has turned me into a lifetime customer, and I will refer everyone I know to Steel-T.”
Todd, thank you very much for the hard work!! YOU ROCK!

Sean Masey

Chris, I just want to take a second to say thank you to you, and the rest of the folks at Steele-T, for making the purchase and installation of our furnace and air conditioner such a pleasant experience. You have been great to work with on the sales side, I especially appreciated the detailed bids that you provided where we could pick and choose the equipment that that was right for our home and budget. Honestly, Steele-T was not our cheapest option, but it was the transparency that the multiple bids offered and your responsiveness to our questions that gave us a comfort level and feeling like we were not being forced into specific units that, ultimately, won you our business. Also, the installation team was prompt, professional, and did a great job as well. We are happy with our purchase and experience and we wanted to let you know.

Ben and Jen

Bill Moore has been coming to my house for a number of years. He has been taking care of my heating needs and I trust him completely. I retired out of the USAF from the military police. We trained night and day. If we did not act in the right way or made to many mistakes we were either busted or kicked out of the AF. Boy when I got out into the world I was shocked how nobody seemed to care about doing a good job. Well Bill cares, he is one of a few. Just wanted to let you know.