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Carrier air filters

It’s easy to ignore air filtration.  While poor filtration isn’t always as noticeable as problems with indoor temperature, it may have an even bigger impact on your life.  Consider that the average home accumulates around two pounds of dust every week.  A nine foot by twelve foot carpet can be expected to collect about ten pounds of dust each year.  Even if you can’t see all the dust and particles floating around in your breathing air, you aren’t safe.  Visible particles make up only ten percent of indoor air.  Take the time to talk to the professionals from Steel T Heating & Air Conditioning.  We draw from both industry and in-field experience, and have the extensive training to accurately diagnose your needs for filtration and provide helpful recommendations.

Air Filter Installation & Replacement

A high-performance particulate air filter is capable of removing particulate matter with a minimum collection efficiency of 99.97% for particles 0.3 micron in size.  As these are the most difficult to filter from the airstream, larger or smaller particles are filtered at higher efficiency ratings.   Particulate filters are designed to trap elements through the use of fibrous materials. Effectively removing dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and more, the right filtration can make all the difference to you as well as your HVAC system.  Dust is the enemy of efficiency when it comes your heating and cooling system, and an accumulation can increase wear and tear, decrease performance, and lead to far more maintenance needs.

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Your nose, sinuses, and lungs suffer from poor indoor air quality.  Headaches, red eyes, allergy and asthma symptoms, trouble sleeping, and respiratory illness are all possible consequences of contaminated breathing air.  Studies have proven that twenty percent more productivity can be expected with clean air.  You’re going to have more energy, sleep more soundly, work more efficiently, stay healthier, and feel better when your indoor environment is protected from harmful pollutants.  Contact Steel T Heating & Air Conditioning, and let’s discuss the quality of the air you breathe, and how we can improve it!

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